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"Spiritual teachings of Earth-centered traditions which
celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct  us to
live in harmony with the rhythms of nature."

The Sixth Source of Affirmation
of the Unitarian Universalist Association

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How to Start a
CUUPS Chapter

If you prefer to register via 
postal mail please fill out this Membership Application, attach a check and mail to the address on the form. 

If you are interested in forming a CUUPS Chapter at your congregation you can contact
our Membership and Chapter Coordinator for information
you can fill out this form 
CUUPS Chaper Application.

The forms are PDF's that you can fill in on your computer, save to your files, and email to the Chapter Coordinator.

Policies on Local CUUPS Chapters *

To be recognized as a CUUPS chapter, a group must be in sympathy with the CUUPS Mission and
Vision and the UUA Principles and Purposes.

  1. Authorization from the minister and/or board of the host congregation(s) to form a CUUPS chapter and operate as part of the congregation(s).

  2. A prospective CUUPS chapter must include at least 3 individuals who are active voting members of CUUPS Continental and members of a UUA member congregation(s) or the Church of the Larger Fellowship.

  3. All new and existing chapters shall provide a contact person for publication, who shall at all times be both an active member of CUUPS and a member of a UU congregation(s) or CLF.

  4. All officers of a chapter must be both an active member of CUUPS and a member of a UU congregation(s) or CLF.

  5. All chapters shall submit an annual registration form and chapter fee of $30. The chapter fee is waived for chapters whose members include five or more current, dues-paying CUUPS, Inc. members.

  6. A Statement of Mission and/or Purpose is required to become a chapter.  (Bylaws or other organizational documents should be sent in at the first renewal.)

  7. A covenant between the chapter and the hosting congregation(s) is required.

* as amended through February 21, 2017

How to Apply to be a CUUPS Chapter?

Here you will find a downloadable PDF application to fill out and go to your congregations governing body for approvals. Once this process is complete, send it to the organization and our Board of Trustees will review it.

CUUPS Chaper Application - Updated 5.24.2020

Resources for Chapters

Visit our Chapter Resource Page for tools and information to build lasting chapters, working with congregations and the larger community you live in.

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