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Services & Ministries

CUUPS serves many different community and small group ministries. Below are some areas we have particular expertise and experience as well as resources.

Our Resource section of this site provides materials that can be used in worship, creating children's programs and in working with those in encumbered settings such as prisons, hospitals and hospices. Included are books, music, podcasts, videos and recordings. Books and some of the music can be purchased through CUUPS affiliation with

Ordained Ministers
& Chaplains
The ministers on the CUUPS board are a great resource for ordained clergy and chaplains to talk with about creating a chapter within congregations as well as how to network with the nature-centered spiritual groups in their area. There are also Resources available for planning congregational and corporate worship.
Creating something new for children's worship and programming? What about youth groups? Need new crafting ideas or songs? There are many things to inspire you in our Resource section. If you are designing a program for young people to learn about many kinds of religions, your local CUUPS chapter can help with conversations and teachings from nature-centered religions.
& CUUPS Chapters
Want to have a nature-centered ceremony for the whole church and do not know how to do it? Is your chapter new with no idea what to do? Need ritual ideas? Need to know how to lead a Pagan handfasting or rite of passage? CUUPS can support you. Visit our Education & Resource areas.
CUUPS Prison Ministry Program was created as a small pilot program in cooperation with the Church of the Larger Fellowship (a UU Congregation for people who are unable to attend a regular UU church) to create and distribute a newsletter specifically for the imprisoned members who requested Pagan religious literature. We have developed this program as outreach to prision chaplains, volunteers and those inmates who follow Pagan traditions and paths.
Freedom & Interfaith Issues
CUUPS has been active for many years networking with organizations and groups committed to religious freedom issues. We have been a resource of information to many kinds of cases, from teens trying to get their sacred holidays off to employment issues to veteran's rights. We are clear, religious freedom is for all religions. Our Interfaith and Intrafaith section and networking can support those needing to connect with those who can help.