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There are many resources available through CUUPS for planning ceremonies, rituals, Sunday services, religious educational classes or community gatherings for your congregations and groups. These lists are in no way complete, nor to they represent the depth of information we have available to us as an organization. If you don't see something and want more information, write us and we will find out for you through our networking contacts.

Books Here you will find a book list put together by many of our members over the course of many years. We have worked to included books for those who know nothing about Paganism all the way to the more adept reader about the genre. If you wish to send ideas and thoughts as to what we can consider to add to the list let us know!
Video As a community, there are not many videos out there about Paganism per se as a faith choice. There are some however and we have listed the ones we see as representing our organization's philosophies.
Music Again, this list could go on and on! From sacred sounds of the drum, to folk style ballads, chants, to more contemporary sounds, whatever your pleasure to presence what is Spirit for you can be found here.
Podcasts Here you will find podcasts of sermons and lectures from a variety of people who have support and spoke at CUUPS events through the years. Also are sermons from pulpits across the country about UU Paganism.
Readings, Sermons & Rituals Singing the Living Tradition and subsequent ancillaries to the book are filled with Readings for the Pagan heart that celebrate the Earth and her family. This section also include the texts of Sermons and Rituals led by CUUPS members over the years.
Journals & Magazines Sacred Cosmos was a journal printed in 2000 to 2003, and mailed to all Unitarian Universalist ministers by a generous grant from the Fund for Unitarian Universalism. Editors included many notable UU ministers and scholars on the Pagan path. This publication is no longer in print so we offer you PDF versions here.
Past Newsletters We have worked to document our own organization's newsletter since our beginningsin 1986. Here you will find past print style newsletters in pdf format.