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CUUPS Revisioning Surveys

CUUPS is kicking off a Revisioning Process - which we do about once a decade.

Survey #1 - Who are we?

We're starting this with a survey to see just who UU-Pagans are these days. We hope the process and its outcome will create a shared sense of identity and purpose among CUUPS members, Pagan-friendly UUs and UU-friendly Pagans. To find the survey click right here.

Survey #1A - More about Who are we?

A deeper cut at this question. Click here for the survey.

Survey #2 - What do we do?

What events do we participate in (CUUPS circles, Pagan Pride Days, Sunday services, social, environmental and political action, etc)?  What spiritual practices do we keep (meditation, prayer, devotions, magical practice, etc)? Survey to come. To find this survey click here.

Survey #3 - Institutional Surveys

In addition to individuals, we’ll also ask representatives of CUUPS chapters, UU congregations, UUA headquarters, and current and past members of the CUUPS Board for their experiences of what UU Pagans are doing and how we’re structured. Survey to Come.

The Revisioning Team will publish their findings and ask for comments:  did we get it right?  Did we overlook something important?  Did we overemphasize anything?  Based on the comments, the Revisioning Team will revise the document.

It’s important to remember that this process is designed to describe UU Paganism as it actually is today, not to define it.  The outcome will be one or more centers – things many of us have in common.  We will draw no boundaries – individuals are not in or out, they are closer to or farther from the centers.  CUUPS is and will remain a non-creedal UU group welcoming all who come in friendship

More Revisioning Information

Explanation of the CUUPS Revisioning Process

CUUPS Revisioning Frequently Asked Questions